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Manufacturers Carried:

Simonton, Kolbe & Kolbe, Walsh, Richlin, Andersen, and Soft-Lite

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Types of Windows Carried:

  • Double hung:  Window that opens and closes by sliding up and down.

  • Casement:  Window that opens and closes by cranking a handle; the most efficient window for air exchange.

  • Sliding:  Also known as a glider; window that opens and closes by sliding side to side.

  • Picture:  Large window with no operational functions; may be flanked by an operational type window.

  • Bay:  Trapezoidal design with a large picture window flanked by two Casements or Double Hung windows; can range from 45 to 22.5 degrees at mullion and can extend from 10″ to 2′ in depth.

  • Bow:  Typically a bank of four or more windows arranged in a bow shape.

  • Garden:  A box style window with a Picture window flanked by two Casements or Double Hung windows at 90 degree angles; typically has a window on top as well.

  • Replacement Glass:   A pane of glass custom cut to fit inside an existing window frame

*Windows are available in vinyl, wood, aluminum or any combination of the three.


We provide full service, delivery and installation of all products.  We also handle any service calls covered under product warranty.

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